How do I get notified about possible changes concerning my reservation (e.g. rescheduling, cancellation, blocking of the court)?


In case your reservation gets changed by someone other than yourself or should even be cancelled GotCourts will automatically inform you via e-mail.

Additionally there is the option to get SMS alerts in case there are any changes concerning your reservation.

In order to use both functions you have to add your mobile phone number and your e-mail address to your account:

After you successfully logged yourself in, you find your surname in the main menu on the top right corner. Move the cursor to your surname and click on “My profile”. 

Now click on “Edit Profile” on the bottom of the page.

Enter your mobile phone number, click on “Save changes” and then enter the SMS-verification code you received. Click on “Confirm”. 

Enter your e-mail address and then click on “save changes”. 

Now you can chose the option “Notifications” in the menu on the left side. Set both ticks.

Click on “Save changes”. 

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