What are the benefits for my tennis facility?


GotCourts makes a distinction between two types of tennis facilities: the public and private ones. Public tennis facilities are the ones that can be used by the general public for free or after paying a court hire. These include amongst others: covered courts, tennis centers, municipal tennis courts, park courts, air domes and hotel courts. The private tennis facilities include tennis clubs and associations that are membership-based and where only the registered members are entitled to play on the courts.

It makes no difference if your tennis facility is public or private, GotCourts offers many advantages for both types.

Advantages for public tennis facilities:

  1. More tennis players, thus higher income and better court utilization
  2. New customers
  3. Less effort for customer care by phone

Advantages for private tennis facilities:

  1. Furtherance of the club activities
  2. Better integration of the new members
  3. New members acquisition

Advantages for all tennis facilities:

  1. Less administrative effort
  2. Better brand awareness (i.a. advertisment through GotCourts)
  3. More detailed data and statistics for your facility

GotCourts customer support operates 24 hours a day and the platform is being constantly developed and improved to suit the needs and wishes of our customers.

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