What infrastructure is required on-site so that GotCourts can be used at a facility?


As a tennis facility you can give your tennis players the option to make reservations on-site (analog to a magnet board). Following three devices are suitable for this: laptop, PC or tablet.

If you only want to show the reservation table at your facility (without the possibility to make reservations) you can also use an internet-ready TV device. The function of this option is to route the arriving players to their courts (who plays on which court at what time).

Here you can find additional articles about each of the options for on-site reservations:

Bemerkung: Das Buchen vor Ort eignet sich vor allem für private Tennisanlagen, die ihre bisherige Buchungsmöglichkeit vor Ort (z. Bsp. Magnettafel) ersetzen möchten. Für Tennisanlagen, die vor Ort Personal einsetzen, ist diese Möglichkeit zumeist überflüssig.

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