What are administrators?


If you move the mouse pointer to the word „Settings“ in the navigation you can select „Administrators”. You will then land to the following page:

Edit and delete administrators

If you would like to edit or delete an existing administrator you should click either on the blue pencil symbol (edit) or on the red recycle bin symbol (delete), perform the desired change and confirm this.

Create a new administrator

If you would like to create a new administrator, click on “New administrator”. This will take you to the following dialog box:

Enter all the required information. Bear in mind that the role that you assign to the new administrator is of essential importance. By choosing the role, you define the privileges for the particular administrator. You can choose between following roles:

  • Power operator: Can do everything, except for making and editing the facility settings.
  • Operator: Can make all the settings and changes that are related to reservations (move, cancel, edit, create etc.).
  • Kiosk: This role is intended for registering on the on-site devices (Reservation station).

Click on „ Add administrator“ to confirm.

The Power Operator and the Operator cannot make any changes in the past. This can only be done by the Super Admin, that is you.

Please note: The best role for the groundskeeper is "Administrator". With this access it is possible to both make reservations and set reservation suspensions (this person can approach the complete features of the “Reservation” category in the main menu).

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