How can I add and configure a court?


In order for both you, as an administrator, and the players to be able to book a court, each court that you want to show in the reservation table of your facility needs to be activated and configured. You can add new courts at any time. All courts must have opening hours and a length of reservation. Additionally, all courts have certain characteristics like name, surface, type etc., which are visible to the players in various sections (club profile, search, etc.). For this reason it is very important that these details are correct – especially the information, weather the court is indoor or outdoor. With this in mind please take your time while configuring the courts!  

Please note: It is also possible to assign courts to one season only. In that case the courts are visible to players only during the defined season (summer or winter). 

Add a court: 

To configure one or more courts you should do the following:

  1. After you have successfully registered your facility click on „Settings“ in the main menu.
  2. In the left column go to „Courts” in the category ”Courts”.
  3. Click on the orange button „Add courts“ in the upper right corner and assign appropriate characteristic to your court in the dialog box that will open. After that click on „Save“ to confirm the details and the court should now appear under „Courts“

Please note: You can add multiple courts with the same characteristics at once – just enter the desired number of courts in the dialog box.  

If some of your courts have different characteristics repeat the above three steps until you have added all of your courts.

Each courts gets automatically assigned with a name that can be changed later, but please bear in mind that the name should be as short as possible, as it will be shown in the reservation table -

Following information is mandatory for each court and can be entered manually or picked from the already offered ones:

  • Surface: The surface of your court is an important detail for the players. When searching for free courts they can filter the search results based on the surface criterion.
  • Type: With the type option you can define, weather the court is indoor or outdoor. This criterion is also important for the players both in summer and winter.
  • Reservation length: With detail you define, how long a reservation on a particular court can last. You can choose several reservation lengths (45min/60min/90min/120min), which gives the player the possibility to decide, how long would he like to play.

Please note: Based on the chosen reservation lengths a fitting bookings scheme will automatically be suggested in the background. However it can be readjusted anytime in the advanced settings. 

Edit a court:

Added courts are listed in tabular form. To edit the court settings just click on the pencil symbol next to the wanted court in this court table. Different from when creating the court, the edit mode allows you to define the following additional details:

  • Ball machine:The player has the option to choose the ball machine as the game partner. Please note: An additional price can be set for the usage of the ball machine. 
  • Only on-site reservations: You can define the reservation settings in such a way that the players can only make on-site reservations. In that case the player can check the court occupancy online, but he can make a reservation only by going to the facility directly.
  • Active / Inactive: A court can also obtain the status „inactive“ by request. In that case the court will not be visible in the reservation table anymore.

The order of courts

  • The order of courts can easily be changed using drag& drop. 

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