What steps do I need to take as a tennis facility to be able to use GotCourts?


To be able to use GotCourts for your tennis facility, you need to the take following six steps:

  1. Activate your courts in GotCourts
  2. Make settings
  3. Make fixed bookings (C)
  4. (Optional) Import the master data of the tennis players
  5. (Optional) Install GotCourts on-site in your tennis facility
  6. Inform tennis players

  7. Activate your courts in GotCourts

To link your tennis courts (one, multiple or all) to GotCourts you need to go to the following site: https://www.gotcourts.com/de/forclubs. Click on the button "Start free trial" to start the activation of your courts. The installation assistant will guide you through the setup process.

Please note: After the activation of your courts they will first be in the setup mode. This means that they will still not be visible for the players, but only for the administrator, who can also edit them.

  1. Make settings

By making the basic settings with the help of the installation assistant you have configured the most important details (Number of courts, reservation frequency, reservation length, opening hours, prices, etc.

GotCourts is however a flexible system that also offers additional settings like:

  • User categories
  • Summer season / winter season settings
  • Booking restrictions
  • Price discrimination
  • and more

For the most of this additional settings default values are used in the beginning. You can change these anytime. Once you have made all the desired changes, you can click on „go live“, so that players can find and book your courts.

  1. Make fixed bookings

We recommend that you enter all fixed bookings (e.g. training units, regular customers) before you allow all the tennis players to make reservations on your courts. This way you don’t run the risk that players book the time slot that is actually already occupied. You can find more information about this here.


  1. (Optional) Import users

The tennis players generally register on GotCourts by themself. But as a tennis facility you have the option to send a list with the master data of your tennis players to GotCourts, which directly gets incorporated into the data base. Additionally GotCourts creates a user account for each of the tennis players.

To import your tennis players in the GotCourts System, you just need to download and fill out the following Excel file and then send it to support@gotcourts.com with the request to be imported in the system:

  • Download the Excel file here

Please note: This procedure is especially suitable for private tennis clubs that have members. This way you are making sure that every member possesses a user account and is able to make reservations when you decide to launch GotCourts in your club.

  1. (Optional) On-site installation

If necessary you want to give your tennis players the possibility to make reservations on-site.  GotCourts offers various ways for this. You can find more information about this here.

  1. Inform tennis players

After you have completed steps 1 to 5 the only thing that is left to do is informing your tennis players that they can now book courts GotCourts. The best solution for this is an email with a short instruction on how to use the system. Here you can find the email templates and the user instruction:

  • Email
  • User instruction for players
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