How do I install a tablet as a reservation station at my facility?


If you want to enable on-site reservations for your tennis players there are several possibilities to do this. One of them provides that you install an Android tablet. The market currently offers a wide spectrum of various Android tablets. However GotCourts recommends you to use a SAMSUNG tablet model “Galaxy 4 Tab 10” with the matching holder from Vogel's.

It is advisable that the administrator already configures the courts online (facility account) before you start installing the tablet. After that you can perform the on-site tablet installation in the following way:

  1. Open the “Google Play Store” app and search for GotCourts
  2. Download and install “GotCourts (Kiosk)” (Attention: Do not install the “GotCourts” app, which is intended for players!)
  3. Start the „GotCourts Kiosk“ app and enter the access details. These will be provided to you by GotCourts or you can find it under Settings/Reservation stations.

The tablet must be connected to a power source. During the closing hours thee app will turn dark.

Holder: GotCourts offers the tennis facilities in Switzerland the possibility to purchase a wall holder to go with the tablet. This wall holder suits exclusively for the SAMSUNG tablet Galaxy 4 Tab 10 and can be ordered from GotCourts via

iPad: An equivalent application for iPad is currently not available. Nonetheless GotCourts will soon release this application.

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