How do I install a tablet as a reservation station at my facility?


We can offer different solutions for on-site display and -booking. Depending on your
needs, there are different options to choose from. You can retrieve the respective
links to the display views under the Admin-Menu reservation station.
Notice: You should protect your court and day view against random surfing. We
recommend using the “Fully Kiosk Browser & App Lockdown”, which you will find on
Google PlayStore. If requested, the app configuration can be handled by GotCourts.

Hardware solutions
GotCourts offers a range of integrated solutions to use on-site. Our touch screens will
be delivered fully configured and with the respective mount. Our reservation stations
are available from 14 to 32 inches. You find prices and other information in our Blog.

Courts summary
This option combines the view and the reservation options in one spreadsheet. It is
suitable for a 14-inch screen or larger.
You can retrieve the link from Admin-Menu reservation station
It is advisable to protect your view with a Kiosk solution against random surfing


TV view

This option shows the reservations on the different courts for the next hours. The TV
view is suitable for screen sizes up to 40 inches. This option shows you only an
overview, similar to what you would see in an airport. Interactions like reservations
are not possible on the TV view.
You can retrieve the link from Admin-Menu reservation station




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