What is a reservation list?


Under the menu item “Reservation list” all reservations made on courts of your facility are shown. In the admin section of your facility move the mouse pointer to the field “Reservations” in the main menu and choose the option „Reservation list“. Here you can search the reservations by keywords (e.g. player names), categories, courts, time frames and other criteria (click on “More” in the upper right corner) and edit or cancel them.

Apart from that the reservation list also comes in handy for the facility employees. The list offers a constant chronological overview of the upcoming reservations, as well as the payment status of each reservation: “Paid: Yes/No”.

In addition, the complete reservation list (or limited to search criteria only) can be exported as a CSV file. For this option simply click in on “CSV” in the upper right corner – as soon as the desired list is shown.

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