What are user categories?


If you move the mouse pointer to the word „Players“ in the navigation you will be able to select categories. You will then land to an overview of all categories you have created, in order to manage your players. You can create as many different categories as you like, that will help you in running your facility (e.g. seniors, juniors, active, passive members, Inter-club players). To each of these categories you can set different privileges and assign a priority. One player can simultaneously be in several categories.

Create a new category

If you would like to add a new category click on „New category“ in the upper right corner. This will take you to the following dialog box:

Enter all required information and click on  „Create category“.

If a member is a part of several categories it is recommended to assign priorities (number) to the categories. As a result the persons that belong to several categories will be subjects to the rules of the category with the highest priority. The highest priority corresponds to the highest number.

Example: Mr. Hans Muster is located both in the category A (priority 3), and category B (priority 1). The setting X is deactivated for the category A, but active for category B. For Mr. Muster the setting X will be deactivated, since the category A has a higher priority than the category B.

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