How can I set prices for my courts?


GotCourts makes a distinction between tennis facilities wit court hire and private tennis clubs, whose members usually don’t need to deposit a court hire payment, but pay the annual membership fee instead. For the private clubs the category “Members” is created automatically and for public facilities the category ”Customers”. Private clubs can also easily enable reservations of their courts for non-members by creating the category “Non-members” and making appropriate restrictions, as well as setting the prices.

Important: For your protection it is only possible to make a reservation if a price has been set for the appropriate time slot (it can also be set to zero). For private tennis clubs that don’t charge a court hire it is required that at least the option “Players are paying an annual membership fee” is selected, in order for reservations to be allowed.

Setting prices

If you go to the category “Prices” in the left column under “Settings“, you can set prices for your courts (including a ball machine) for each category separately.

You can choose one of the following options:

  • The members are paying an annual membership fee
  • I use same prices for all courts, daytimes and weekdays
  • I use different prices for different courts
  • I use different prices for different daytimes
  • I use different prices for different weekdays

If you are setting the price for a player category for the first time, you must tick the corresponding checkbox (foregoing selection). If you have already set the prices, clicking on the category „Prices“ will take you to the price matrix for the particulate player category.

 Please note: If the already selected option is not compatible with another desired option, you must remove the firstly selected option to be able to select another one.

Set prices per user category

GotCourts allows you to set different prices for different customer/player groups (e.g. adults and youths). To do this click on the PLUS symbol on the top of the prices page. First you should select the user group, for which you would like to set different prices. Then you can set the prices as described above.

Please note: If no prices were set for a particulate user category, the prices of the parent category will automatically be applied. 
An example: You have a user X which is assigned to the user category „Spec. customers”. You didn’t set prices for this category, nevertheless the parent category “Customers“ has prices. If the user X reserves a court, the price of the category “Customers” will be automatically be applied. If a player is assigned to more than one category with different prices, the price of the category with the highest priority will be automatically applied.

Delete / remove prices

First click on the desired the user group (if more than one are available). To delete a price you just need to click on the recycle bin symbol and confirm the action.

Change basic price settings

You can edit the basic price settings by clicking on the link „Change basic price settings“ in the upper right corner. There you can choose again form the selection described at the top of the page.

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