How can I set prices per user category?


GotCourts allows you to set different prices for different customer/player groups (e.g. adults and youths). To do this click on the PLUS symbol on the top of the prices page. First you should select the user group, for which you would like to set different prices. Then you can set the prices as described above.

Please note: If no prices were set for a particulate user category, the prices of the parent category will automatically be applied. 
An example: You have a user X which is assigned to the user category „Spec. customers”. You didn’t set prices for this category, nevertheless the parent category “Customers“ has prices. If the user X reserves a court, the price of the category “Customers” will be automatically be applied. If a player is assigned to more than one category with different prices, the price of the category with the highest priority will be automatically applied.

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