My tennis club allows more playing time for doubles: How can I adjust this?

  1. Go to the category „Advanced settings“ in the left column under "Settings".
  2. Under "3+ players" you can allow more playing time for doubles for different categories.

Attention: The player will get additional playing time only if three or four players are actually added.

  1. Click on “Edit”, mark the appropriate option with a cross and select the minimal number of players per booking, required to trigger the additional playing time. 
  2. Assign additional playing time to one or more courts and click on "Save”.

Please note: If for example you would like  to allow longer playing times for category „Trainer“ without  specifying all player names, this cannot be done with this setting. Nonetheless it is possible to assign a bigger contingent of active reservations to the category „Trainer“, so that the trainer can simply make more consecutive reservations, in order to achieve longer playing times.

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