How can I participate?

As a GotCourts users you will participate automatically on the GotCourts Championship, because each user gets GotCourts Championship points already for booking a court.

1. Just select the option "We will play a match" within the reservation dialog (only available when a playing partner is added).

You can choose this option both on the web as well as in the mobile app. Playing a match has per se no influence on the court reservation itself (playing time, price, etc.).

2. After the match, both players get access to a link, which leads to a page where each player (independently) can announce the winner resp. the loser of the match

a) per email 

b) IMPORTANT: the same link will be available under messages from Maria (GotCourts) in you profile (since emails sometimes happen to end up in a spam filter etc.)

For this you need to select either the "I won" or "I lost" button. This way you and your game partner will receive additional points for the match, but you must specify the output of the match unanimously. If there is no match, because you or your playing partner accidentally selected the wrong option, there's the opportunity to adapt it accordingly.


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