The idea


Haven't you ever want to play tennis, but you were lacking on a partner to play with? - Wouldn't it have been great if you could have booked at the same time not only a court, but also a sparring partner?


During a testing phase tennis players will have the opportunity to book a sparring partner together with a court at the below mentioned clubs (locations)!

From that we hope to gain some insights in order to facilitate playing tennis in situations as described above in the future! 

Important basic data: 

 Testing phase: 3. August - 30. August 2015
 Playing hours: daily from 10am - 10pm o'clock
Preliminary lead time:

The Preliminary lead time is 3 hours, i.e. if you want to play at 10am with a sparring partner, the corresponding booking has to be done before 7am. 

About the sparring partner: All our selected sparring partners have a skill level of R5 and better (because of programming reasons we cannot disclose the sparring partner separately in the reservation dialog, i.e. one cannot choose explicitly which sparring partner to play with)!  

CHF 35 per hour (additionally to the court rental)

Important: Please don't forget to pay your sparring partner the amount of CHF 35.- on site in cash!!!


How to book a sparring partner?

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