Where can I see the rankings?

Within the notification bar (at the top right of the menu) there is new another symbol (trophy). When you click on it, the following dialog box opens:

Here you see at a glance which position are you hold in, and who stands before and after you in the rankings. You can see how many points you need to overtake the player in front of you and how many points you are lying in front of your pursuers.

To view more details, you can click on the "Show entire Championship List" button. Then you will reach to a separate page where you

  • see the entire ranking list.
  • can see how you are ranked against your buddies.
  • can see how you are ranked against the members of the same private clubs.
  • can search for specific players and can look where they stand in the rankings.

Note: During the test phase, the ranking is only available on the Web.

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