What is online payment and how does it work?


GotCourts offers a new convenient possibility to pay for reservations automatically by credit card

The benefits are obvious:

  • You don’t have to worry anymore if every customer did indeed pay for his reservation
  • No more invoices (e.g. in cases when customers wanted to pay by debit or credit card but this was not possible)
  • You reduce the on-site employees workload  

As soon as you have activated an online payment service for your facility (this is how you activate online payments for your facility) the court reservations via GotCourts will only be possible for customers, who have entered a valid credit card details in their profile.

The reservation process (with activated online payment):

  1. A customer makes a reservation in your club (if he still didn’t enter valid credit card details in his profile, he will be prompted to do this in the reservation dialog box or the reservation cannot be completed). 
  2. In the moment where reservation cannot be cancelled anymore (you can set this time frame in the settings) an appropriate amount is authorized on the credit card.
  3. 48 hours after the reservation has been made the credit card will be charged with the authorized amount.
  4. After approximately 7 days the paid amount will be visible on your facility’s bank (if these details have already been entered). 

How does the online payment service work and what are the fees?

To make online payments possible GotCourts is working together with Stripe, one of the leading services in the online payment sector. All payment relevant details run through Stripe, which stands for the highest security standards (e.g. the credit card details are not saved within GotCourts). Here you can see a slightly simplified schematic representation of the process:

 The additional costs for the ePayment module is 3,5% per booking

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