What is the GotCourts Championship?

GotCourts has launched a new competition game in which every player can participate, regardless of his age or skill level.

Each participant can earn points by playing more Tennis (i.e. creating reservations via GotCourts) and playing matches through this court reservations. The launch of GotCourts Championship has been done among others also due to requests from GotCourts users. By implementing GotCourts Championship we're remaining true to our mission to promote both the sport of tennis as well as the competition.

Below you will find answers to the main questions about GotCourts Championship:

You can help develop the GotCourts Championship!

The GotCourts Championship is currently still in a test phase. The idea is to gather as much valuable feedback as possible for you (the participants) and to improve it continuously.

For this we need your help! Send us your comments, ideas or suggestions for improvements to support@gotcourts.com with the subject "GotCourts Championship". Thank you and have fun earning points and competing!

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