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GotCourts Championship


Collect points and win awesome prizes!


Introductory note:

  • GotCourts launches with the GotCourts Championship a new kind of competitive game, where each player can participate regardless of his age and skill level.
  • IMPORTANT: The Championship is currently still in a test phase. We are therefore pleased about your feedback and suggestions! Send this to with the subject "GotCourts Championship".


The Rules:


What is the GotCourts Championship?

  • During a certain period of time you can earn points via GotCourts-reservation. The time period is determined by GotCourts.
  • Those male and female players who have most of the points at the end of that period can win awesome prices.
  • What prizes can be won is announced by GotCourts at the beginning of every new GotCourts Championship.


How can I earn points?

  • For every reservation that you book via GotCourts, you get points.
  • You can get additional points if you decide to play a match (single possible, not double). For this, you need to book a court, provide a playing partner and check the option "We will play a match" within the reservation dialogue. What follows?
    • After the match, GotCourts asks you and your opponent who has won/lost (via email).
    • As far as both players deliver a consisting/matching answer, they will receive extra points.
    • You will be granted the following points:




(applies to creators and game partners)


Victory after a match (in addition)


Defeat after a match (in addition)



How does the ranking works?

  • Once GotCourts Championship is running and the first points are collected, the ranking will be created and it will be updated overnight. So you can see at any time where you and your tennis buddies appear in the ranking.


Which game mode should I choose to play a match?

  • You are allowed to choose the mode that fits for you and your playing partner. What matters is that after the game it must be clear who is the winners and who is the loser. It is also important that the mode which is chosen fits into a reservation unit. Example: Choosing a match on two winning sets in a 60-minutes reservation unit makes little sense.
  • Therefore GotCourts recommends the following game mode:
    • Tie-break to 15 points.
    • This mode is likely to fit into all reservation units and can be correspondingly increased with longer reservations, e.g. on 21 points etc.
    • The rules for a tie-break can be found here.


FAIRPLAY as the supreme principle:

  • Fair Play is very important to GotCourts. We appeal to all players and players of GotCourts Championship to be correct and fair regarding the matches.
  • All players shall provide the match result(win / loss) immediate after the match.
  • GotCourts will monitor matches/results online as well as check matches on site. Players who provide matches / results without playing or otherwise manipulate results will be excluded from the GotCourts Championship.


Winners and prizes distribution:

  • Depending on the ranking you are entitled to a prize. The final ranking will be held at the end of the period of GotCourts Championships. The winners will be notified by GotCourts personally.
  • The results of the matches must be entered no later than the end of the Championship period. An entry of results after that time period is excluded and will not counter.
  • In case of point equality of players, lots are drawn.
  • Winner of the main prizes (1st to 3rd rank) shall not be entitled to win other prizes.


Not Entitled to participate:

  • Tennis teachers / coaches (with their training sessions)
  • Tennis facilities outside Switzerland and theirs players.



  • GotCourts users who do not want to join the Championship anymore can take them out. There is a corresponding option doing that within the profile settings.


In addition, the Term of Use and Privacy Policy of GotCourts Ltd. are applicable, available under

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