About the rules and the point calculation


About the GotCourts Club-Championship:

  • The tennis club will determine the time period for the championship. GotCourts allows you to book championship matches up to the last day.
  • At the end of the set time period, the goal is to have as many points as possible.
  • Prizes (if any) are a matter of the club to decide.


How the points get calculated:

  • A point system is takes into account the different play levels and allows a fair championship.
  • A higher ranking corresponds with a higher score and a higher level of play.
  • Before your first championship match, every player starts with 1500 points.
  • The winner wins points while the loser will lose some. You cannot win / lose more than 127 points at once.
  • The amount of won / lost points is determined by the players points level before the match as well as the match result. If a weak player wins against a strong one, he will gain a lot of points. However, if a strong player wins against a weak one, he will just gain a few points.

Example: Matt (1712 points) wins against John (1439 points). Since Matt was assumed to be the stronger player, he will win only 21 points. If John would win, he would gain 101 points. The most efficient way to improve your ranking is therefore to win against stronger / higher ranked players.

  • In order to disincentivize players to stop playing in order to protect their good ranking, a small bonus of 1-5 points is added to both players points balance with every game. This makes it attractive to keep playing to defend a high ranking.
  • The ranking is constantly updated and shows you your position in real time.

How the ranking is built:

As soon as the championship started and the first points have been won / lost, the ranking starts to build. It will be updated in real time and you will always know where you stand in comparison to your buddies.

The scoring method used in championship matches:

  • Players can choose the scoring method as long as it produces a winner. Please consider that the chosen method should correspond with your court reservation. If you have a 60-min reservation, you should choose a method that can be played in one hour.
  • We recommend playing a 15 points tie-break.
  • If you still have time left after playing 15 points, you can extend to 21.
  • Click here to learn more about the tie break rules.

Fair play:

  • The most important rule is fair play. The matches need to have actually taken place and the results need to be reported truthfully.
  • Players are asked to report the results right after the match. The reported results have to correspond with the actual result.
  • GotCourts can selectively check on championship matches to make sure that nobody is manipulating the competition.
  • GotCourts may exclude players from the championship if unfair play or violation of these rules are observed.
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