How to report the results


Book a court for a championship match

As soon as you selected another player who is also participating in the championship, you can book a court for your championship match and mark it as one.

If you are booking more than one slot for a single championship match, you only have to mark one booking as a championship match.

The option ‘championship’ has no impact on your court reservation (price, duration, rules etc. stay the same)







Report result

After the match the result must be reported directly in the app in the menu 'Games' by a player. The match partner must then confirm the result. After the confirmation the points will be distributed and the ranking will be updated. You can find the current ranking list on your club website and on your personal homepage.

The results must be reported in the same order in which they were played. If the correct order is not observed or if you play against the same opponent one after the other, the corresponding game will not be included in the ranking.

IMPORTANT: A link for the result report is also stored on the website in the past reservations. You can also mark or confirm a game as won or lost.




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