How to report the results


Book a court for a championship match

As soon as you selected another player who is also participating in the championship, you can book a court for your championship match and mark it as one.

If you are booking more than one slot for a single championship match, you only have to mark one booking as a championship match.

The option ‘championship’ has no impact on your court reservation (price, duration, rules etc. stay the same)







Report the result

After the match, both players will receive an email. They will be asked to report the winner and loser of the match. Both players need to answer, otherwise the results will not count for the championship.

Please note that the results have to be entered in the same order as the matches have been played. If you enter the result of your latest match before reporting previous matches, the older one will be skipped.

Important: In your reservation confirmation you find a link to report the championship match results. In case you don’t get an email, you can also use the link to report your results.



You just have to pick ‘won’ or ‘lost’. The match will only count for the championship if both players answer and if the answer matches. If your answers do not match because one of you accidentally picked the wrong answer, you can just try again with the correct answer.

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